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Banish Boredom Tour 2014Banish Boredom Tour 2014

Introducing Wandoo Planet! Help kids discover, read and do what they love most.

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Little Scientists: Gravity

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Library Snapshot Day - April 15

Novella Carpenter Brings Urban Farming to Kalamazoo

Chasing ShackletonMan vs Nature on Steroids

Edward Shackleton’s failed expedition to the South Pole in 1914 produced the greatest rescue/survival mission ever recorded. Chasing Shackleton is a PBS documentary that follows six modern day adventurers as they attempt to replicate the astounding feats of bravery, ingenuity and physical endurance that Shackleton and his crew members used in their attempt to sail the most dangerous ocean waters on the globe and traverse an unmapped mountain to save their fellow crewman. Led by an audacious leader in Tim Jarvis and clad in the wool clothes of the early 20th century, these six intrepid explorers set out in a tiny sail boat from an island near the South Pole to test their grit and know-how while tackling the enormous obstacles which a hundred years before, lay in the path of Shackleton’s redemption. Pushed to the point of death, will these men survive these harrowing environmental conditions in order to match their predecessor’s glory?...

Ryan Gage Posted by Ryan

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