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Since joining KPL on October 1, 2008 to build a concept into a center for nonprofit organizations (NPO) in Kalamazoo County, I’ve been doing a lot of asking, listening, planning, and building…building systems, service models, and programs. And, a distinctive brand so you’ll remember us and look for our resourcesservices, and programs.

This has been a “group” effort. I’ve been working with many wonderful and helpful people—talented colleagues here at KPL, community advisors and supporters, nonprofit support center directors, consultants, graphics experts, and others offering their help and expertise. Thank you, every one!

In addition, I’ve worked with several patrons who’ve come to KPL for help—mostly people working in all-volunteer nonprofits—not knowing a center for nonprofits was in the making. They’ve left with new perspectives, resources, and recommendations to help improve their organizations. Having worked mostly with staffed NPs, I appreciate learning more about the needs of all-volunteer NPs from them.

As I write this, we’re approaching the day to “open to the public”—what a thrill this is! March 3, 2009 is here!

There will always be a lot to do as ONEplace evolves to meet the changing needs of individuals and organizations in the nonprofit sector. I’m looking forward to working with many people and organizations as we venture beyond this exciting March 3 milestone


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Posted by Bobbe Luce at 03/10/2009 08:44:31 AM | 

What a tremndous resource for us. You're acting exactly as a Library should be "envisioned" for the municipality and county - a central meeting and educational locus for the citizens. We have a devloping 501(c)3 and really appreciate the helping hand. Thank You!

Scott Aldrich
Posted by: D Scott Aldrich ( Email | Visit ) at 3/6/2009 3:34 PM

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