Five X Three Leadership Tips for 2012

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New Year blogs from four respected leadership authors/consultants came into my email box last week. Each addresses five items (why five?) related to leadership they recommend for action in 2012.

While these authors write primarily for business audiences, their advice is just as appropriate to nonprofit staff and volunteers.

Follow the links for their complete comments.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

Dorie Clark covers her “going to stop cold turkey” list:

  • Responding like a trained monkey
  • Mindless traditions
  • Reading annoying things
  • Work that’s not worth it
  • Making things more complicated than they should be

Five Leadership Tips for 2012

Mike Myatt shares his personal priorities for the year, and he includes a bonus item (#6).

  • Family: if you are struggling with work/life balance, choose family
  • White space: clearing your mind to be and act only in the present
  • Listen: stop talking and listen
  • Unlearn: be willing to learn and change opinions and actions
  • Engage: it’s not about you, it’s about the people you serve and lead
  • (Bonus) Read: few things impact your thought life more than reading

Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders

John Coleman and Bill George recommend actions for aspiring Gen X and Millennial professionals to prepare for challenges of leadership roles:

  • Find a trustworthy mentor
  • Form a leadership development group
  • Volunteer in a civic or service organization
  • Work in or travel to one new country
  • Ask more questions than you answer


Leadership Tips for 2012

Posted by Bobbe Luce at 01/13/2012 10:16:16 AM | 

It's a great articles and great blogs!
Thenk you very much for that,BobbeL.
Posted by: The developer ( Email ) at 1/25/2012 10:13 AM

A lot of resolutions for a little more year. Will be hard to follow all of them. Good luck.
Posted by: Lemmingseo2 ( Email ) at 1/31/2012 10:52 AM

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