Michigan’s Creative Sector Impacts are Huge!

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The 2011 ArtServe Report on the arts and culture sector’s impact on Michigan’s economy and quality of life is an eye-opener!

It showcases the results accumulated from the Cultural Data Project, Americans for the Arts’ Creative Industries Reports, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Over 400 Michigan nonprofit arts organizations are included, many in the Kalamazoo area.

Some of the key findings (2009 data unless otherwise noted):

  • Over $256 million was raised in successful capital campaigns
  • 12,667,492 visits to arts and culture venues and events
  • 1,841,368 school children experienced arts and culture venues and events
  • $152,000,000 in salaries for 15,560 jobs
  • More than $2 billion in tourism revenues (17% of all tourism dollars in 2010)
  • $462,791,322 in annual direct expenditure by the creative community
  • For every $1 Michigan invests in arts and culture, $51 is pumped back into the state’s economy!
  • ‘From 2006 to 2010, the number of arts related jobs increased by 4% and arts related businesses increased by 43%!’

To see the complete report and more exciting information and opportunities, visit http://creativestatemi.artservemichigan.org/


2011 ArtServe Report

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