Want to ‘Get Fully Funded’?

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ONEplace presented an Association of Fundraising Professionals webinar this week, in which Sandy Rees, CFRE, provided a system for sustainable fundraising that can be implemented at nonprofits of all sizes and lifecycle stages.

Her system includes seven basic steps and several planning tools to assure a structured, balanced approach.

Step 1: Make fundraising a priority.

Step 2: Understand why people give.

Step 3: Identify the best donor prospect.

Step 4: Tell your story.

Step 5: Plan how and when will you ask for a gift.

Step 6: Acknowledge the gift and build relationships.

Step 7: Evaluate success.

Sounds a lot like other fundraising advice, right? Sandy’s model spells out what each of the steps means, and how to put each into action in a methodical, approachable way using a number of planning charts. Detailed, written planning is the difference in her model.

Her website has a wealth of practical resources and tips, including: a free CD for beginning fundraisers, videos, an eNews, books and CD sets, and blogs.

Hope you find some helpful information to set you on the path to ‘getting fully funded.’


Get Fully Funded

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