Board of Directors

Consultants & Trainers Network 160


A selection of ONEplace Leadership Series workshops provides board leadership with the information and tools to govern effectively. These include: Effective Meetings, Community Alignment, Nonprofit Governance, Group Decision Making, Building Trust & Orchestrating Conflict, Succession Planning, Mission Driven & Vision Focused, and more. Find the current schedule on the Leadership resource page.

Onsite Training

Boards heading into new areas or seeking a common training experience benefit from onsite training. Since the purpose of training is to effect improvement (i.e., change), following the training sessions ONEplace staff encourages and equips you to write your plan, assign responsibilities, and implement it fully. Contact ONEplace to explore your possibilities.

Direct Assistance

New challenges and unforeseen turns often leave boards wondering what to do. ONEplace staff offer feedback, guidance, and resources to assist you with your unique concerns. Contact ONEplace to set an appointment.

All discussions with ONEplace staff are held in the strictest of confidence.

Discuss your specific questions and needs with ONEplace – call (269) 553-7899 or email