Build Your Dream Board


How's your board doing? How much could you accomplish if you had the right people around the table? When it comes to great and successful nonprofit boards, the key is in their recruiting and orientation.

If you get the right people in the right seats around the table, then set the right expectations, you are setting your board up for tremendous success. And how we enlist new members has everything to do with their ultimate success, not only in fundraising but in the leadership they offer our nonprofit organization as well.

In this session:
• Qualities and skill sets to look for in new board members.
• How to determine who else you need on your board.
• The 7 factors that impact your board's performance.
• How to set expectations properly with a sample Board Member Job Description and Board Member Information Form.
• Why orientation is key to setting up new board members for success.

Target Audience those board members and staff involved in recruiting, training, and developing their boards of directors.

Presented by Gail Perry of Fired-Up Fundraising will lead this webinar
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