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ONEplace@kpl is a management support organization offering resources and services to nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in Kalamazoo County.

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The value of free

I hear it all the time. Whether in for-profit or nonprofit, service-based or product-based, local or national, the refrain is the same:...

What's the point?

Today (Monday, July 3) holds the unusual distinction of being a Monday before a holiday. While some organizations may be closed today, for most it’s a workday stuck in the midst of a four-day weekend. So, as I write a post that may likely be part of a stack of quickly discarded Wednesday morning emails, I ask myself:...

In(ter)dependence Day

With the Fourth of July coming soon, early celebrants are already firing off their own versions of “bombs bursting in air.” Soon, the “rockets red (blue, yellow, purple, etc.) glare” of fireworks shows will join the celebration of freedom won....

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