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ONEplace@kpl is a management support organization offering resources and services to nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in Kalamazoo County.

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Vulnerability in leadership

Last week, I worked with our Leader Academy on the topic of vulnerability. We explored the topic from a few different angles, sharing stories and doing our own personal reflections. We also watched Brene Brown’s TED talk in which she identifies the heart of shame as being a question of worthiness....

Review, re-read & reconnect

From time to time I need to be reminded of things I already know. Re-reading a favorite book, going back to the basic principles underlying a subject area, or reconnecting with my primary motivations – these help me refine and improve my efforts....

Board services

ONEplace has been offering services for Boards of Directors for the past two years. Having worked with over 40 different boards, we’ve found our stride in knowing how to work with organizational leadership to deliver a productive experience. So, I thought I’d take a moment to clarify what ONEplace can do (and cannot do) for your organization....

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