Goal, Purpose, Guiding Principles

"There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about." Margaret Wheatley

Successful communities support education and learning. If each nonprofit organization stays true to its mission while deepening its commitment to the value of lifelong learning, the result will be student success, improved health, urban vitality, and county-wide economic growth.

The  Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo offers the Greater Kalamazoo area a collective vision for moving forward. This network is a dynamic collaboration of people and organizations committed to building community-wide support for transforming how, and how well, we prepare everyone who lives in Kalamazoo County for lifelong success.

Our Community’s Collective Vision
A sustainable culture of learning at home, in school, at work and throughout the community 


ONEplace@kpl Mission
To serve as a catalyst for community success by supporting the wise, effective use of charitable dollars by nonprofit organizations

ONEplace@kpl Values

Focus – Effective organizations take a long-term approach to mission-driven work. Their staff functions from the convergence of passion, skills, and resources 

Simplicity – Simplicity is the height of sophistication for design, usability, and guidance.

Excellence – We continually strive for excellence in all we are and all we do.

ONEplace@kpl Current Strategies
Targeted Topics: Leadership, Management, Fund Development, Communications

Self-study resources

Online resources 24/7
Nonprofit collection at KPL
Subscription services 

Participative events

Workshops & webinars
Multi-session classes
Leadership Academy 

Direct assistance

Phone/email assistance
Personal/group appointments
Referral to endorsed consultants