Opening ceremony, March 2009
photo: John Lacko

ONEplace @ kpl

Recognizing the persistent and growing challenges facing nonprofit organizations in Kalamazoo County, a task force of area foundation representatives and nonprofit leaders sought a centralized support center to assume the variety of their capacity building and technical assistance efforts.

After months of research and deliberation, the task force selected the Kalamazoo Public Library to house and operate the center because of its accessibility, strong infrastructure, neutrality, information-based mission, and reputation as a strong collaborative leader. They also secured long-term funding commitments from the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation and Kalamazoo Community Foundation, with additional support from the Greater Kalamazoo United Way and the Timothy and Bernadette Marquez Foundation.

As a result of these efforts, ONEplace@kpl opened in March 2009 with a full slate of online and print resources plus a complete schedule of webinars and workshops. Since its inception, ONEplace@kpl has provided opportunities for nonprofit leadership to improve performance and achieve excellence throughout their organizations.

Today, in partnership with the several area foundations, ONEplace@kpl serves as the education arm of the funding community. By addressing the professional development needs of existing nonprofit organizations and encouraging the creation of only the most promising new nonprofits, ONEplace@kpl encourages the wise, effective use of charitable dollars and serves as a catalyst for community success.

All ONEplace@kpl services, programs and resources are provided free of charge.