Running a High Performance Organization

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Date, Location 

  • Thursday, July 11, 2013
  • 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Radisson, Kalamazoo

Good leaders are not born -- they are trained.

Volunteer leaders in nonprofits come to those leadership positions from a variety of “day-jobs” including dentists, or relators, or small business owners. Just as many of those day-jobs comprise a defined body of knowledge and skills, so does leadership. And, just as it true that certain persons have innate talents and abilities that make them more likely to be good at their day-job, so also certain people have innate talents that make them more likely to be good leaders.

However, without proper training and practice, people will neither be good leaders or good at their day-job. Moreover, the skill set that makes people good at their day-job, does not necessarily make a good leader. This interactive workshop will focus on the critical skills and abilities needed for effective leadership in non-profit organizations.

In this session:

  • Explain the unique performance characteristics of highly successful organizations
  • Describe the duties legally required of association leaders
  • Identify ways to strengthen the relationship between the Board Chair and CEO
  • Develop a plan to increase leadership skills

Target audience includes executive directors and board leadership
Presented by Michael Gallery, President OPIC, LLC
Workshop offered by Michigan Society of Association Executives. 

There is a fee to attend.

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