Hearing Loop Technology




Hearing Loops

Kalamazoo Public Library is proud to announce that we have installed hearing loops in our public meeting spaces at Central Library.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Jim Gilmore Jr. Foundation, KPL has installed hearing loops in both the Board Room and the Van Deusen Auditorium.

The loops function by transmitting sound signals from an audio source, such as a presenter’s microphone, through an amplifier and then wirelessly to users.

Patrons and visitors with T-Coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants can now seamlessly receive transmissions broadcast through the loop without the need to use any additional devices.

Personal Listening Systems

For patrons with hearing loss who do not have a T-Coil equipped personal device of their own, we have discreet receivers and headphone sets available for use, which connect to the loop.

Loop systems are universally recognized with a symbol which will be posted on the rooms in which the technology is available.