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Community Capitalism: Lessons from Kalamazoo and Beyond

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How has Kalamazoo responded to its economic challenges? Author Ron Kitchens has written an informative book which answers this question and more. Community Capitalism: Lessons from Kalamazoo and Beyond, written with Daniel Gross and Heather Smith, begins with a brief history of Kalamazoo's economy and then proceeds to discuss how the community has responded. He defines what community capitalism is and identifies its five key areas.

Individual chapters are devoted to each key area and include compelling case histories, statistics, and examples. The authors provide a critical perspective of a forward-thinking community searching for unique innovative solutions. Read this book and find out about the Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund, "the largest sum of private capital ever to be raised and managed by an economic development organization". It is impressive and this community is the only place in the country to have it. I was fascinated with all the community information this book contains and it is a fast read. I learned so much!

Ron Kitchens and Heather Smith will be speaking about their book here at the Library Thursday November 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the VanDeusen Room. It will be an exciting program with informative discussion. Come and join us! 


Community Capitalism: Lessons from Kalamazoo and Beyond

Posted by Diane Randall at 11/02/2008 03:35:56 PM