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I Michael Bennett

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The bad guys do not have to follow the rules. Dealing drugs makes you lots of money. It seems like a never ending battle. In James Patterson's latest book, written with Michael Ledwidge "I, Michael Bennett", Detective Michael Bennett arrests a major drug lord called The Sun King. Just because this drug lord is in jail doesn't mean he can't reach out and cause harm. Michael Bennett is trying to take a vacation with his 10 adopted children, his nanny, Mary Catherine, who is in love with him (the fool keeps putting his job before his happiness, he needs to just marry her), and his grandfather Seamus a Priest. He and his family go off to "Hicksville" as his kids call it. Of course this small town has changed since Michael has been there and now it is run down, boarded up and drug infested. Guess who supplies the drugs to this town, yep the Sun King. The Sun King orders a hit on Michaels kids and two of them get shot (but not killed). Michael gets mad  and working with other agencies tries to clean up the little town all the while traveling back and forth to the big city to testify in the Sun Kings Trial. Of course he cleans up the town, but does he put away the Sun King? The ending of this book was not what I expected. At first I was like Hey, but now I am eagerly waiting for the next book to see what happens next, so I guess the author's ending did what he wanted it to, make me read his next book. I recommend reading them in order, you don't have to but the Mary Catherine love piece, I think, feels better read in order.


I, Michael Bennett

Posted by Gary Green at 08/23/2012 09:21:59 AM