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The Trivia Lover's Guide to the World

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What is the first foreign country you would encounter if you went due south from Detroit? Anyone who answered Canada would be correct. Which city is farthest west -- Chicago, Denver, Reno, or Los Angeles? Reno it is. Of the 48 contiguous United States, which is the most northerly? Did someone think Maine or Washington? No, it's Minnesota. Where is the Sea of Tranquility? On the moon! Not limited to the USA, or even Earth, this book of geographic trivia that arrived just this month is one I found to be addicting. As has happened so many times through the years, I loved the KPL book so much that I have resolved to buy my own copy.


The trivia lover's guide to the world : geography for the lost and found

Posted by David DeVries at 09/27/2012 07:31:42 PM