Modern Art Desserts

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In terms of food preparation, we're living in a time when even the microwave seems too slow. With that thought as a backdrop, please consider this 2013 offering by Ms. Caitlin Freeman. She has written this book of dessert recipes that derive their inspiration from famous artists and their works. I would probably have been one of the last on the library staff to pick up this book; however, I had a wonderful art history course at WMU during my undergraduate days, the memory of which this volume caused me to recall. I think it would take even an experienced cook a lot of time and patience to make these treats, but the pictures make them look so good that I'm sure someone out there will want to give Matisse Parfait, Mondrian Cake, and Warhol Gelee a try.


Modern art desserts : recipes for cakes, cookies, confections, and frozen treats based on iconic works of art

Posted by David DeVries at 07/31/2013 04:55:16 PM | 

Can't wait to get my hands on this book! Hopefully there is a recipe for a Calder mobile...
Posted by: Emily ( Email ) at 8/9/2013 3:19 PM

I hope there is a recipe for a Calder mobile!!!
Posted by: Emily ( Email ) at 8/9/2013 3:20 PM

i would like to see this book some time.
Posted by: michelle wakeman ( Email ) at 8/20/2013 3:24 PM

You Are Right Each Dessert Is A Work Of Beauty
Posted by: Valerie Long ( Email ) at 8/22/2013 3:16 PM

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