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More Hats

Last month in this spot I wrote about This Is Not My Hat, the 2013 J. Klassen book that won the Caldecott Award. I had seen a picture of the cover in The New York Times Book Review. Even though I don't fall into the recommended age group of 4-8 years, I wanted to read more by Mr. Klassen. Checking the KPL catalog, I discovered I Want My Hat Back. This one, written two years earlier in 2011, is about a bear who lost his hat but, after conversations with lots of other animals, remembers that he had seen it on a rabbit and recovers it.  Both text and illustrations make this pleasant reading for children (and others such as myself who might enjoy taking a three-minute vacation from their usual reading patterns).



I want my hat back
David D.


I have to agree with David about both of these books. I've only recently begun exploring modern children's literature after a hiatus of about two decades, but I was very impressed and charmed by this selection in particular.
I, too, love that David's comments pointed me to these books. Thank you!

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