The Rosie Project

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Professor Don Tillman is pretty sure that the best way to find a female life partner is to create a thorough questionnaire for women to answer; having the results will streamline the difficult process and present him with the one woman who is perfect for him. Don has a little trouble with social cues (maybe more than a little trouble) so he enlists the help of a couple of friends (of which he has four, if you count one child) to help him behave more appropriately on dates.

The Rosie Project is sweet and funny; Don is a man who doesn’t need to be fixed, he just needs someone to love.


The Rosie Project

Posted by Sue Warner at 12/27/2013 04:43:52 PM | 

I read this book in 2 days, only because I had to sleep and cook. It is a light, engaging read, and I really enjoyed it!
Posted by: Bethany Wells ( Email ) at 2/17/2014 1:26 PM

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