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Kitten Adoption

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After making the commitment to adopt two male rescue kittens, I realized that maybe I needed to brush up on some pointers for their care, since it’s been quite a while from the time when we last heard the pitter patter of tiny kitten paws on our household’s floors. So, I picked up some cat care books at the Eastwood Branch Library. One in particular, Cats For Dummies was especially helpful because it contained clear, no-nonsense information on the topic.

My main concern was Ollie, our 3½ yr old resident feline. He would have to be properly introduced to the “kitten kids” for the adoption to have any chance of succeeding. While friendly with those he knew, Ollie was more than just a little skittish when confronted by strangers, be they human or of another species. This wasn’t surprising considering that we found him abandoned at a local community college when he himself was a kitten, and from the looks of him at the time, he seemed to have been abused and on his last legs. So, any changes made to his current comfortable surroundings in our home, was met with fear, suspicion, disapproval and avoidance on his part.

Following the suggestion of an online source, I had a neighbor bring over the kittens to our home. This was done so that I would not be associated with the tykes in Ollie’s eyes. Prior to their actual arrival, I showered Ollie with lots of TLC and attention. A healthy dose of freshly picked catnip didn’t hurt either. Despite all these careful preparations, when the kittens did arrive, Ollie, true to form, refused to come to see what the commotion was all about. When he finally did make it downstairs, I tried the best I could to completely ignore the two super cute kittens and instead paid all my attention to our tenured cat.

Initially, Ollie displayed some hurt feelings in the form of increased hissing and attempted swipes at the youngsters. Four days later however, the hissing subsided and he sat down on his favorite ottoman in the center of the living room to observe their playful interactions with each other, as well as with Patrick, our house rabbit. Several days later on, he began slowly to accept them as family members and even attempted to roughly “play” with them, but only under my close supervision. Yes, there is still some swatting and jealous feelings but considering the circumstances, Ollie is adjusting quite well to little Graham and his bother Lionel.

Stay tuned for future updates as our newly re-formulated family coalesces!


If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, check out the SPCA, Pet Rescue Network or Animal Rescue to name just a few area sources. We found our new family members at Animal Rescue where one of their volunteers, Leanne, was a surrogate mother for these wonderful kittens from age of one week (when they were found), to nine weeks. She did a fantastic job teaching the kittens proper litter habits and socializing them so that they are comfortable with human touch, thereby increasing their chances for growing into truly loving companions.

Animal Rescue spays/neuters the kittens before you are able to bring them home. They also have their first booster shots and an ID microchip is placed underneath the skin in the neck area in case they turn out to be quick escape artists or get lost. All these services are provided for a reasonable adoption fee. Also prior to the adoption, a comprehensive questionnaire needs to be filled out by the prospective adoptive parent.

Right now it’s the high season for litters of kittens. Most are in desperate need of good indoor homes. Can you help? The following photos are current kittens looking for great homes. If you have what it takes, please contact Leanne at 269-375-5402 or You’ll be glad you made this all important commitment to help a feline (or two) in need!



Cats for Dummies
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Posted by Teresa Rakowsky at 07/27/2011 09:07:16 AM