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What's Old Is New Again

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Most of the time when one thinks about atlases it's in terms of consulting one for reference. That's probably how they are used most of the time; however, as I've said in this space before, I read them for entertainment. The Kalamazoo Public Library has many atlases that diverge from the usual road variety, as was shown in the book about remote islands that I brought forward last month. Here is another special-use atlas that was received just this month -- a book of maps and commentary on biblical places. This volume is very different from other atlases of its type in that it includes the latest archaeological and historical research, new mapping styles, and maps that have never appeared before, all in full color with an accessible text. Last, but not least, this book is in the circulating collection, so this well-done, visually appealing effort can be enjoyed at home.


The one-stop Bible atlas

Posted by David DeVries at 08/31/2011 06:05:36 PM