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Serendipitous Spring Break

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I wanted to take my three boys who are in school on a little trip for Spring Break this year.  I wanted warmer weather, something I could get to in six hours or less, and to see something spectacular.  What interesting hiking territory is there in Indiana or Ohio?  Well, I turned to the travel section of the library and checked out a few books about Ohio and Indiana.  In Natural Wonders of Ohio I found the perfect place:  Hocking Hills State Park

     “‘Am I still in Ohio?’ ask wide-eyed visitors as they see the dramatic sandstone and shale, cliffs and canyons, caves and waterfalls.”

This was the line that drew me in. 

I also used the library to check out dvds and books for the trip, including a multi-volume compilation of the graphic novel Bone by Jeff Smith for my middle schooler, Vance.  While down in Hocking Hills State Park, after hiking to Old Man’s Cave, Vance told us that the characters in Bone just went to a place called Old Man’s Cave and it looked like where we just were.  What a coincidence, but there must be dozens of Old Man’s Caves, right?  The next day on our way to Conkle’s Hollow, imagine our surprise when Vance announced that the characters were now in Conkle’s Hollow.  Could the setting of the book be the place we were visiting?  At the back of the book in the section about the author, we found out that he lives in Columbus, Ohio just 45 minutes north of Hocking Hills State Park.  That was enough evidence for us.

I didn’t get warmer weather, but the Park was only five and a half hours away and I did see something spectacular.  I highly recommend a visit to Hocking Hills State Park and that you take Bone along if you have any middle schoolers or use the library’s travel section to dream up your own trip.   


Natural Wonders of Ohio

Posted by Steve Siebers at 04/14/2009 10:12:21 AM