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Parks, KPL, and Trout

Patrons were treated to a history of Kalamazoo city parks at a program on October 15 presented by John Urschel, City of Kalamazoo records and information manager. Urschel used the resources of the city archives to write the book City of Kalamazoo Parks, and shared some of his vast knowledge on the topic with a fascinated audience. Little known park facts were revealed, including a surprising connection between Bronson Park and the Library. According to city records, 100 trout that lived in the park’s fountain in 1902 “wintered” in KPL’s basement. For more information on Kalamazoo parks check out City of Kalamazoo Parks, our website, and the local history collection.


City of Kalamazoo Parks
Beth T

Sizer spins the vinyl and reads from B.P.M.!

Last week graphic novelist Paul Sizer of Kalamazoo, debuted his new book B.P.M. to both fans of comics and music. Paul spoke on his love of dance/electronic music which inspired him to create this new graphic novel based on a struggling D.J. in New York City. Author visits from Sizer always have a strong multi-media presence and as expected Paul did not disappoint! Instead of a straight reading from the book, Paul showed the audience pages from the book as he read with music in the background. In addition, Paul described the process of not only writing and drawing the book, but also how he worked with the printer to create his first full colored graphic novel. The event ended with the first author visit ever at KPL that included a beat-mixing demo!



Kevin King

Let's Go to the Library!

Last month I attended the grand opening of the spectacular, newly renovated YWCA in downtown Kalamazoo. While touring the building, I heard from the director of the YWCA's Children's Center that the preschool group loves walking to the public library for story time visits every month. Sometimes they even walk to the Kalamazoo Transportation Center and ride a bus to a neighborhood branch library. The children ride free!

Visits from preschool centers like the YWCA and the Learning Village and Head Start classrooms don't show up on the library's kid's events calendar, so you may not realize how many young children experience the library in this way. Each month during the school year, 25 - 35 preschool groups (450 - 500 children) visit one of KPL's five libraries for a story time tailored to their age level. They listen to stories, sing, dance, do a craft and make friends with their local librarians. Field trips to the library are just one of many ways KPL connects children and books at an early age!


Preschool Storytimes

Ride the Roller Coaster at KPL!

Lately I've been hearing financial advisor, Dave Ramsey, say “hang on and ride the roller coaster”.  KPL can help you ride that financial roller coaster with a few of our online resources.  Morningstar, is an investment source where you can check for the latest information on stocks and mutual funds. (formerly Weiss Ratings) evaluates quarterly the financial strength of more than 13,000 institutions, including life, health, and annuity insurers, property and casualty insurers, banks, and savings and loans, plus tracking the risk-adjusted performance of over 20,000 mutual funds and more than 6,000 stocks.   KPL’s Investment Topic Guide also has some great book selections and websites to aid you in making informed financial decisions.  
These and more online resources are just a click away with your library card.


 Investment Topic Guide
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