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Staff Picks: Books

Sandra Brown is still cranking them out!

 It has been many years since I have read any of Sandra Brown’s books. I mean decades. However, because I’m boycotting TV I picked a couple of her books up recently. Saying that I’m boycotting TV is really saying a lot. Normally I watch a lot of movies and Netflix but since January, I have been reading in my leisure time. The lighter the content the better. So, I’m catching up on Sandra Brown.


I started with reading Friction. It had a decent story line but more importantly I found it relaxing to read  rather than watching the news. Right now, I’m reading Sting. Sting caught my attention because the book jacket said the main male character is a hitman. He’s the hottie of the story, most of the time his character is the hero, but in Sting, so far he is looking like a criminal. I’m sure Sandra is going to throw a twist in there somewhere. If she is going to surprise me I haven’t figured out how yet. If not, I don’t think I can wrap my mind around rooting for a killer. I don’t care how much of a honey he is, I don’t want to see him romance the savvy businesswoman.

Anyway, Sandra Brown is one of the better-known romance writers and I’m sure she knows what she is doing. I hope so because I was planning to read Mean Streak next or maybe I’ll be ready for a good nonfiction.

Maybe the next 4 years won’t be so long after all! I just finished Sting and there are a couple of surprises. One I never expected but it was a zinger!

Bullseye - A Michael Bennet Thriller

James Patterson is a prolific writer mostly as he doesn’t write them just by himself he is partnered with several different authors. For the Michael Bennett thriller series he has partnered with Michael Ledwidge. I like the Michael Bennett series he is a father with 12 children, his wife passed away a long time ago. Long enough that he can now date and readers are okay with that. I’m not always so crazy when the story involves his father who is a priest. This is number nine in the series. I think this one had enough action and not too much family involvement, not too much reflective thinking.

In this book Bullseye there is an assassin who was trying to kill the president. There was word that there would be an attempt to assassinate the president. So Michael Bennett as part of NYPD gets teamed up with a sniper and is in a helicopter over New York City acting as a spotter. Of course it’s the beginning of the book so Michael sees the assassin and foils the attempt but the assassin escapes. The rest of the book is them trying to find the assassin before he can try again. It kept my attention that’s how I judge a good book. Check it out at KPL.

I Am Princess X

In fifth grade May and Libby created Princess X together. For years after the two continued the story of the princess in the purple dress and red chucks who wields a katana. That is, until Libby and her mom drive off a bridge on a rainy night. Three years later, lonely May discovers a sticker of Princess X on a shop window. No one could have created it, except for Libby. It seems impossible, but May wonders if her friend might still be alive. 
This clever murder mystery trails May on her quest to find out what exactly happened the night that Libby and her mom died, and to find Libby if she did indeed survive. Fans of webcomics, suspense, and puzzles will love this book! I sure did!