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Staff Picks: Books

The Knot Outdoor Weddings

Fresh Ideas For Events In Gardens, Vineyards, Beaches, Mountains, And More

The Knot….you might be wondering what could this possibly mean – that is only if you have not had an experience with the world of weddings recently!

The Knot was founded by Carley Roney to bring modern, fresh personal style to weddings. The Knot Outdoor Weddings book features 50 gorgeous weddings celebrating an array of settings. This is a must look at book if a wedding is in your future. My daughter and I have been studying the beautiful photographs and details for just about any outdoor wedding setting. We are adding ideas for her upcoming wedding. I know you will have fun looking through this book as well.

Happy dreaming!


My father, the pornographer : a memoir

In 1970, Chris's father quit his stable job as an insurance salesman, and took a chance on starting a career as a full time writer, mainly of pornography. He was extremely prolific, writing more that 350 pornographic novels and 24 fantasy novels. 

But this memoir is less about the content of the books written, and more about family. The family members are far from perfect, and (especially the father) are at times not very likable. But despite their struggles, the son ends up following in his father's footsteps and becomes a writer himself, and tries his best to understand the work his father did. 

Check out an NPR interview with the author!