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World War Z Author is Coming!

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Born in New York City in 1972, the only son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, Brooks’s introduction to the living dead began with a traumatic childhood incident, an incident he still refuses to discuss.

Brooks has devoted much of his life to the study and development of anti-ghoul security. He is, at present, the leading Western student in the Afro-Caribbean martial art of Mkunga-Lalem, the world's oldest and most effective anti-ghoul fighting skill.

After working for the B.B.C. in Great Britain and East Africa, Brooks began writing The Zombie Survival Guide. A former writer for Saturday Night Live, he lives in New York City with his wife, Michelle and his miniature dachshund, Maizey.


World War Z

Posted by Kevin King at 05/28/2008 01:26:49 PM