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And One Giant Metal Grasshopper ...

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I have to admit that it was the title that drew me to this book. The author, Linda Godfrey, writes, “Is it weird that the Wolverine State may never have had any wolverines in it? We think so, and that suits us fine. The weirder the better, we say, and Michigan falls perfectly into that category.” In this volume of things unusual one finds such attractions as the giant snow gauge on the Keweenaw Peninsula, the huge tire in Allen Park, the eagle made from trash bags in Iron River, the village of Christmas which has a St. Nicholas Ave., the largest weather vane which is in downtown Montague, and the metal sculpture of the giant grasshopper in Kaleva. Kalamazoo rates entries on pages 196, 206, and 239. Not limited to roadside items, this work also contains chapters on unexplained phenomena, cemeteries, and fabled people and places. For those who prefer to branch out, the library owns and is ordering many other volumes in this series by Sterling Publishing Company, such as Weird Las Vegas and Nevada, Weird Massachusetts, and Weird Pennsylvania.


Weird Michigan : Your Travel Guide to Michigan's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets


Posted by David DeVries at 07/19/2008 03:08:52 PM