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Food 2.0

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Charlie Ayres was hired in 1999 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to feed the young staff of Google. Page and Brin believed that their staff needed good healthy food to be creative and productive rather than the junk food and fast food they were eating. They also felt it would be a much more efficient use of employees time to eat in-house rather than go out. The end result was a very successful four and one half year venture of Ayres feeding all of Google and this book Food 2.0: Secrets From The Chef Who Fed Google. 

Ayres believes that "we can all eat delicious, clean, fast cuisine that is good for us, good for the community, and good for the earth". Helping people "eat better" is the focus of his book and it is written in a very efficient, easy-to-read, no fuss way. The book is divided into his smart choices for choosing food and cooking methods, his pantry suggestions, and then a section of great recipes. It is a quick read that you will find yourself thumbing back through again and again.

I often enjoy reading cookbooks but really never end up trying any recipes because they are either too time-involved, too exotic, too many ingredients, or they just don't spark any desire in me to try. This book did, however. It inspired me to get excited about cooking again. Taking the time to look at Ayres' book is time well-spent.


Food 2.0: Secrets From The Chef Who Fed Google


Posted by Diane Randall at 07/25/2008 03:21:50 PM