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Read the title of this book very carefully. It’s not about a prominent search engine. No, it’s about a style of architecture named for a Los Angeles restaurant that was built in 1949. Buildings that went up during the middle of the 20th century were comprised of lots of steel and glass in rather severe angular shapes. One area example of this is the early-1960s Dawn Donuts at 6225 S. Westnedge in Portage, which later became the southern office of MacKenzie’s Bakery and is still standing. Author Alan Hess presents a survey of this type of architecture along with some colorful photographs that capture not only the buildings themselves but also how this style seeped into the design of automobiles, signage, and the advertising of the day. Hess evokes nostalgia since much of the American architecture in this style has been lost; however, it’s gratifying that the preservation community is now trying to save some good examples of it. Printed on quality paper, this book is worthwhile even if all one does is look at the pictures. This is only one example of a very appealing book that I saw here at the library and just HAD to buy my own copy.


Googie : fifties coffee shop architecture


Posted by David DeVries at 08/21/2008 06:21:39 PM