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Take Time for the Mouse

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 A recent advertisement for the fourth in a wonderful series featuring an anthropomorphized mouse named Hermux Tantamoq caught my eye because I have read and loved the first three books about this watchmaking/clock repairing rodent.  The title of the newest book is Time to Smell the Roses, and it will be available in libraries and bookstores in October of this year.   Joining Time Stops for No Mouse, The Sands of Time, and No Time Like ShowTime, this promises to be just as wonderful a read as the others were.  Hermux Tantamoq has a pet cricket, a girlfriend named Tucka Mertslin, and a house to live in that would rival a Martha Stewart creation.  That is, if the descriptives of author Michael Hoeye ring true.  Explore the author’s website at and see what makes Hoeye and his mouse Hermux tick.


Time Stops for No Mouse

Posted by Ann Fleming at 08/22/2008 01:53:24 PM