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The Last Lecture

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Many of you are familiar with author/computer science professor, Randy Pausch. His last lecture was given at Carnegie Mellon University and is accessible all over the internet. After his lecture, he decided with Jeffrey Zaslow to write The Last Lecture about the lecture, his preparation for it, and his perspectives on life. Whether or not you watched his lecture online, I highly recommend his book. While it is a quick and easy read, it is also very poignant and inspiring. We can all identify with him as he recounts the "brick walls" he encountered throughout his life, but the values and lessons he learned and his grateful pay it forward focus are what is truly compelling. There is something for everyone to take away and think about from this book. Looking back, I know that I am definitely grateful for my "Coach Graham" and "Dutch Uncle" who encouraged (and sometimes pushed) me through some of my own brick walls. 


The Last Lecture

Posted by Diane Randall at 08/27/2008 03:06:28 PM