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This I Believe

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This I Believe is the title of several books, a website, an NPR program, and a podcast.  It is a series of essays about faith, beauty, hope, belief, and perspective.  It is a view into the souls of persons who have felt immense heartache, stunning joy, and calm solitude.  Started in the 1950’s as a radio program hosted by Edward Murrow, the need to speak of faith continues today.  This I Believe gently and confidently brings the ideas of such people as Eve EnslerAlbert EinsteinCarl Sandburg, and Confucius together in a collective expression of personal philosophy.

KPL has all of the editions:  19521954, and 2006 (in audio version as well).  We are also in the process of acquiring the very newest version:  This I Believe II. 

Each essay is brief: no longer than two pages of a 4 x 6 book (approximately 600 words).  Each takes just a moment to read and in that moment, you will feel as if you have been reading chapters of the lives of some of the writers.  Their profound candidness and commanding expression will leave you pondering what you believe. 


This I Believe

Posted by Jennifer Cornell at 10/20/2008 04:36:46 PM