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Since When is Revenge Laugh Out Loud Funny?

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“In the tradition of the ‘First Wives Club’, New York Times best-selling author Fern Michaels delivers a slam-bang, take-no-prisoners tale of survival, sweet revenge, and the healing power of friendship between seven women who call themselves the Sisterhood.” (Kalamazoo Public Library catalog)

With deceptively peaceful looking book jackets, the Sisterhood series has nine titles beginning with Weekend Warriors and ending with (so far, anyhow) Final Justice.   “Michaels’ newest series is based on the premise that if a crime victim is not protected by the legal system, it is her right to seek revenge through whatever means she finds.” (Library Journal review)   Some compare the Sisterhood to the ever-popular “Charlie’s Angels” television show.  The women of the Sisterhood are spectacular:  educated, artistic, creative, sensual, and clever.  Lead by heiress Myra Rutledge and her long-time lover, Charles Martin (a former M16 British operative who calls the Queen ‘Lizzie’); the girls accomplish paybacks for all types of crime from rape to false accusation.  Their solutions are carefully planned and executed, and some may make the reader a bit squeamish. 

“Fern Michaels’ writing is as intriguing and fast paced as ever,” (Booklist review), and the end of each book will have readers eagerly waiting for more.  Words like “delicious”, “highly imaginative”, and “entertaining” come to mind when I think of the titles in the Sisterhood series.  Of course, there are snags along the way in each book, and the women overcome them with a little help from Charles and with their own ingenuity.   Add in Michaels’ gift of romance to these already exciting titles, grab a cup of hot something, and settle down to enjoy!  I hope Fern Michaels is not done with this series!


Weekend Warriors

Posted by Ann Fleming at 10/25/2008 09:28:17 AM