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In Paris. In love. In trouble.

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This is my blog about a book about a blog.  Make sense?  Anyway, the book’s title Petite Anglaise comes from the author’s popular blog and refers to the nickname the author gained as a young British woman living in Paris.  Author/blogger Catherine Sanderson (known in the online community as “Petite” for short), was a working mother in a stagnant relationship with a Frenchman, the father of her infant daughter, when she decided to start a blog as a diversion from the reality of her less-than-exciting life. As she began to pour her thoughts out to an eager online audience, it became increasingly impossible for her to hide feelings of despair about her romantically-lacking relationship from the blog’s readers.  One such reader with online name “Jim in Rennes” particularly got her attention and the rest is history – all recorded in real time on the internet.  The book is a memoir based on events described in the blog, with lots of colorful description of Paris built in.  I am looking forward to Petite's second installment (Sanderson secured a two-book deal after gaining media attention for suing her employer for wrongful termination when they discovered her blog).


Petite Anglaise

Posted by Kristen Larson at 10/27/2008 08:53:19 AM