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“Swing the ball. Swing the ball.
Thump and smash and whack.
Bring the top floors tumbling down.

The preschooler in all of us will love Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock’s Demolition, a book about big machines tearing down an old building. High-rech excavators, bulldozers, mobile crushers, and cranes with wrecking balls, all guided by a hard-hatted crew of men and women, work to obliterate a structure to make way for something new. So what’s all the work for? On the newly cleared, smoothed, and green site site workers erect a new playground:

“Join the fun. Join the fun.
Run and climb and play.
Give three cheers! The job is done.
Hip . . . hip . . . HOORAY!”




Posted by Sue Warner at 04/20/2012 08:30:19 AM