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the God Debate Books

In the recent storm of books over God and religion--full of name-calling, overgeneralizing, straw-mans, passion, fudging numbers and so on--the civility found in this book is a breath of fresh air. No low blows or cheap shots!? What impresses me most about this book is not only its "friendly" tone (others have that), which dominates the first several chapters and presents a liberal Christian theology (i.e. I can be a Christian and love science and not hate gay people)--what impressed me the most was the psychological studies and survey results that the author presents towards the end of the book. This is the meat of the book I think, where he takes a uniquely psychologists perspective (Michigan psychologist), citing studies that correlate devout religiousness (who go at least once a week) with not smoking, not getting arrested, overall health, happiness/well-being, cheritable giving, volunteerism, and some other random benefitial stuff. To be fair, he also points about psychologically harmful things that are correlated with religion. A nice evening read.


A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists


I have to agree with Matt S. view point of the book. It was great to read a book that was more focused on letting us know what we can do, not what we can't do. How we should treat people different from us instead of just pointing out why those different then us.
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