Sky Color

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When I read the new picture book Sky Color, I was reminded of a fascinating piece from Radiolab called "Why Isn't the Sky Blue?". In different ways, Peter Reynolds' new picture book and the Radiolab program acknowledge that the color concept of a clear blue sky may be largely a social and linguistic construction.

In Sky Color, Marisol has the opportunity to share in painting a mural in her school library. When she can't find the color blue, which she thinks she needs for the sky, she thinks a bit more on how to represent the sky on her mural. That night, she has a dream and realizes she may not need the color blue to present the color of the sky after all.

Sky Color is the third in a series of picture books by Peter H. Reynolds about creativity. The first two titles are The Dot and Ish.


Sky Color


Posted by Bill Caskey at 10/22/2012 04:21:13 PM | 

The Dot and Ish are two of my favorite picture books precisely because they encourage creativity and send the message that there is no right or wrong way to express it. Looking forward to seeing this new one!
Posted by: Karen ( Email ) at 10/24/2012 8:39 PM

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