American Idol fans, check this book out!

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I have been a loyal follower of American Idol since season 2, despite my annoyance with how the show in general treats some of the contestants. So, when I saw the book Elimination night come across my desk, I could absolutely not resist it. The book is a parody of American Idol (or “Icon” in the book), and is supposedly written by someone with insider knowledge of the show (author = “Anonymous”). The main character is a stand-in assistant producer on the show (Sasha, a female who is called “Bill” because it is easier for the higher-ups to continue to call her the name of the person she is filling in for). The plot mirrors season 10, when judge Simon Cowell (“Nigel Crowther”) left the show to pursue X Factor (“The Talent Machine”) and was replaced by Jennifer Lopez (“Bibi Vasquez”) and Steven Tyler (“Joey Lovecraft”). If you know your Idol, you will be able to recognize every character in the book immediately. One warning, though…the book is less than flattering to basically every single person affiliated with the show, with the exception of Randy Jackson (“DJ Coolz”). I didn’t mind this, but it made me absolutely squirm when I read some of the details and didn’t know how much was accurate and how much was exaggerated for good storytelling. Read it, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


Elimination night

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