The Husband List

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Do you watch Downton Abby? When I read The Husband List I was reminded of the affluent people in Downton Abby. Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly wrote the novel The Husband List. Janet Evanovich is best known for her Stephanie Plum Bail Bondsman books which all have a number, One is for money up to the current one Notorious Nineteen. The Husband List is set in 1894 and centers on some very wealthy families. This is where I saw the similarities to Downton Abbey. Their focus is on parties and social status. They have their main home which is of course huge and they have their vacation home. They travel in style and have plenty of servants. A warning, this is a very mushy book. Caroline Maxwell longs for Jack Culhane but her mother wants her to marry Lord Bremerton who will be the fourteenth Duke of Endsleigh. This excerpt will give you a flavor of the book “Though she wasn’t in physical contact with him, she could feel the warmth rolling off him. It made her shiver in a most delicious way.” I enjoyed this book, you just have to glide over the mush or be in the right mood.


The Husband List



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