Her : a memoir

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Like most identical twins, Christa and Cara Parravani shared a deep bond that went beyond being sisters or best friends…until Cara turned to drugs after a traumatic experience and died suddenly of an overdose at the age of 28. Her : a memoir describes Christa’s years of struggle after losing her beloved twin and while writing this memoir, which in parts was as if her sister was writing through her. Writing this memoir is what made her able to continue living.

KPL’s collection has many fascinating memoirs of twins. These include Divided minds, about twin schizophrenics, Identical strangers, about twins separated as infants and reunited as adults, and Twin : a memoir, about a twin sister who was separated from her brother and institutionalized at age 8 (and much later diagnosed with autism). To find other books on this topic, search the catalog under subject : Twins Biography.



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