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Library Use Across the State

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The Library of Michigan recently released state wide data about public libraries, compiled from the annual reports we all submit.

Here’s some of the information I found particularly interesting or compelling:

  • Michigan residents visited their public libraries over 56 million times; KPL estimates about 800,000 visits to our five locations.
  • Patrons borrowed over 89,000,000 items from public libraries across the state; our circulation was 1,682,620.
  • Circulation per capita is flat across the state from the previous year: 9.0.
  • Over 5 million Michigan residents hold library cards; we have about 80,000 cardholders.
  • 415 libraries are participating MeLCat libraries; we loan to other libraries and borrow for our patrons about an equal number of items.
  • Michigan public libraries provide 11,229 computers used 13.3 million times by the public; KPL’s 100 public computers logged 184,811 sessions.
  • 98% of operating income for Michigan public libraries is from the local community; we rank 32nd in state funding at just $0.91 of state money per capita.
  • Children’s program attendance remains strong at most libraries; adult program attendance has declined.
  • And not surprisingly, book collections have decreased over the past five years while AV, e-book, and audiobook collections have increased. Despite the decrease in book collections, they remain by far the dominant item in public library collections.

Come visit soon – at one of our five locations or via our website. We’re counting for next year’s state report.


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Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 03/11/2013 08:59:56 AM | 

The fact our State contributes only 91 cents per capita to the operation of libraries is deplorable. That should be doubled for starters. What corporation would want to do business in a State that ranks 31st in the country in terms of library support?

I appears cardholders of KPL check out an average of 20+ materials per year. That would be more than double the State average of 9 items. That says a lot about our library and its patrons!
Posted by: Ernie Clemence ( Email ) at 3/14/2013 10:08 AM

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