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Fun with the Family

Are you vacationing in Michigan this Summer? Kalamazoo Public Library has many Michigan travel books. One particularly family-friendly book is: Fun with the Family: Michigan. Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids, by Bill Semion, c.2007. The contents are separated by geographic areas, such as West Michigan-North, West Michigan-South, and Upper Peninsula-East, Upper Peninsula-West… you get the picture…(picturesque!) It includes listings of events, adventures, parks, museums, sports, theatres, places to stay, and restaurants.

I also recommend viewing: Under the Radar Michigan, a PBS television show hosted by Tom Daldin, who has a friendly, comfortable presence and a great sense of humor. UTR Michigan is in its third season. UTR Michigan showcases a different Michigan town in each episode, featuring local places of interest, stories, great people, and mouth-watering foods at local restaurants. UTR is a helpful, convincing site for choosing a Michigan town to visit. Episode 318 highlights Grand Rapids, and, if you want to see a hilarious sight, watch the people pedaling on the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser, it’s crazy! To find out the art of coffee roasting and information about the Can-Do Kitchen, watch the inspirational episode featuring Kalamazoo!


Fun with the Family: Michigan. Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids


Sounds good. It looks like you can watch full episodes of all 3 seasons of UTR on their website.
i think i am going to have to check this book out at the library because it sounds like a good book to read.
Great book. I recommend this book to buy even that way you can use it for a point of reference when traveling.
I'm always looking for fun things to do close to home! I will have to check this out!
I'm glad I discovered this blog entry! It looks like I'm not the only one looking for things to do that's close to home.
Book sound interesting. There are so amny interesting back stories close to home. I enjoy under the radar and have gotten several trip ideas from watching it.
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