Where Do You Buy Books?

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I don’t buy a lot of books, afterall I am in a library every day. When I do buy any, they are usually gently used ones from the Friends Bookstore on the lower level of the Central Library.

The books I buy are generally of two types: literary fiction and big, thick biographies. Books in both categories are usually $2 each.

The literary fiction books I usually give as gifts, often as a small hostess gift or just a little surprise gift for a friend. I tend to select books I have already read so I add a note of why I liked the book and am giving them a copy, along with encouragement to read and pass it on to someone else.

The big, thick biographies I read gradually, sometimes over the course of six or eight weeks. These are books I can lay down, they aren’t page turners, so I read them off and on and, I admit, it is nice not to have the pressure of a due date. Many of them I then give back to the Friends to sell yet again.

I encourage you to shop the Friends Bookstore to build your home library and to support the library. Generous donations from the bookstore revenue support many of our programs, including summer reading games.

AND…news flash / drum roll…..credit and debit cards may now be used in the Friends Bookstore. Easier than ever to shop there. 


Friends Bookstore

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 08/05/2013 08:15:41 AM | 

I agree that biographies are nice to read over a long period of time, I often don't have much time to myself, as I help my mom quite a bit, but biographies and other history books, are easy to read just a couple pages, or even paragraphs at a time.
Posted by: Michele Seely ( Email ) at 8/14/2013 11:41 AM

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