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….to Alice Munro for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature.

As I have often written on our book blog, I don’t read many short story collections, with one exception: Alice Munro.

She has been called the “master of the contemporary short story” for her sparse fiction that often begins in an unexpected place then moves back or forward in time. She says her recent collection Dear Life is her last and she is finished writing.

The report of an author’s reaction to winning a major prize is always interesting to me. Apparently the Swedish Academy was unable to locate her before the public announcement. They left a phone message for her. It turns out she was visiting her daughter in British Columbia and was awakened at 4 AM with the news. Reports are she sounded groggy and emotional!

In a recent interview, she said she fell into writing short stories by accident. She thought stories were practice until she had time to write a novel. Then she found they were all she could do.

Ms. Munro is the first Canadian woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Canadian prime minister issued a statement of congratulations as have many writers. Her long-time readers are pleased and hope indeed there will be more stories to follow.


Alice Munro Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 10/21/2013 10:46:47 AM | 

The Classics Revisited book discussion group on Dec 19 at 7p.m. will be discussing Selected Short Stories by Alice Munro here at the Central Library, KPL.
Posted by: Joanna Lundberg ( Email ) at 10/22/2013 4:39 PM

Also, we have a film called Away from Her starring Julie Christie that was adapted from her story The Bear Came over the Mountain.
Posted by: Ryan ( Email ) at 10/24/2013 10:40 AM

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