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Time.  So many clichés about time. Time goes so fast….if I only had more time….time heals….time flies….time is running out.  Seriously friends....NOW is the TIME! Read The Fault in Our Stars!  The movie comes out this June, and you need to connect with the characters before seeing it on the big screen.  As a Teen Services staff member when a book comes out by John Green, it instantly becomes the top slot on my To Read list.  TFIOS fills all of my expectations from this author.  The story takes us along when Hazel, a teenager with terminal cancer, meets Augustus at a cancer support group for kids.  The typical coming-of-age story, but with a terminal twist.  You are instantly vested in the characters from the beginning.  I read this book quickly, trying to get myself to the happy ending I was sure was coming.  I laughed when they laughed and cried when they cried.  Take time to read it for yourself.

Are you already a John Green fan?  Perhaps you've already read this book.  It is not new, it was published in 2012.  If you're a teen, tell your parents why they should read it.  If you're an adult, find a teenager to recommend it to.  Then join us at the Central Library on Tuesday, June 3 at 6:30 to celebrate An Abundance of John Green.  You'll have the chance to record your own video about why someone else should read any of John Green's books!  Check out the event page for more info, a Nerdfighter video and the TFIOS movie trailer!


The Fault in our Stars

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