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Best Read of 2008

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It is the time of year for all the lists of "Best of 2008". Not surprisingly, I seek out all the lists of the best books of the year and find many I have read but even more to add to my list of "books to read sometime".

Today, almost at year end, my favorite fiction book from 2008 is Five Skies by Ron Carlson. It is the story of three men brought together in Idaho's Rocky Mountains to construct a motorcycle ramp across a canyon. All the men are running from personal and emotional setbacks and are trying to get their lives back on track. In this simple, understated story, the author writes about their interactions, what they teach each other, loyalty, grief.

My favorite may yet change by December 31, but then I'll move on and begin my 2009 reading list.

What was your favorite book of those you read this year?


Five Skies

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 12/26/2008 09:47:48 AM