Libraries in tough economic times

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Librarians know that libraries are even busier in tough economic times. It is obvious in the number of patrons through our doors, the number and types of reference questions asked, the wait to use public computers, attendance at our programs, and, of course, an increase in circulation of books and AV items. Unfortunately that increase in the need for our services and in usage is often coupled with tighter budgets and an increase in costs. Nevertheless, libraries rise to the challenge.

We were pleased to see a national news story on this very topic….increase in usage, tighter budgets for libraries.

Libraries offer free relief from tough times (MSNBC)

Usage at KPL mirrors this national trend. So far, for our year which just began on July 1, our circulation of all materials across all our locations is up 10%. This reflects an increase of 6% for print materials, 23% for nonprint materials. Our reference questions are up 9%, patron assistance of all types up 22%. Our equipment use, primarily of public computers, is up a staggering 54%.

Most of our FREE computer classes are filled and attendance at our programs for adults, teens, children, and families has increased.

Come visit soon!  I’m confident we will have a book, an AV item, a program, a class, a computer that will help you in one way or another during these challenging economic times.


MSNBC Report: Libraries offer free relief from tough times

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Great post! Thanks for calling attention to this story.
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Nice work, Ann.
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