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I have loved Neil Gaiman's Coraline since it was published in 2002. The cover art was too scary for me, so I had to avoid looking at it as I read the book. I went to see the movie (in 3D!) this weekend and it made me appreciate the book even more. A few fun nods to Michigan added to the movie's charm (producer Bill Mechanic's an MSU grad), and the voice of Teri Hatcher makes for a sickly sweet Other Mother. If I had my way, the soundtrack would have included more music from They Might Be Giants but the movie almost lived up to my imagination.




Posted by Wendy W at 02/23/2009 10:08:57 AM | 

Glad you liked the movie...the 3D was great. I'm curious to know what you thought of the changes they made, though. Specifically, the addition of the boy character. One of the best things about the book version of Coraline was the way she was 100% capable of handling her challenges on her own, without needing the help of anyone else(aside from the cat). The movie version seems too stereotypically Hollywood damsel-in-distress, too helpless without her boy counterpart.
Posted by: Stewart ( Email | Visit ) at 2/23/2009 12:49 PM

That's what happens when books get twisted into movies, I guess. At least they had the common sense to make him silent through part of the movie!
Posted by: Wendy ( Email ) at 2/25/2009 2:58 PM

A friend of mine took his six year old daughter to the movie and it scared the beeeejeeezzees out of her.
Posted by: JenniferC ( Email ) at 2/27/2009 10:28 AM

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