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How to be a Good Customer

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I seem to have a penchant for bloggers turned book writers. My latest discovery is “The Waiter.” The Waiter blogged anonymously about life in a high-end NYC restaurant and the Big Apple.  He still blogs, but he’s moved on to other topics.  One of his readers, Barb, comments, “Each of your blogs is an adventure into the human condition,” and I agree.

In Waiter Rant, we get a close-up view of “fine dining” from a server’s perspective, and the frustrating, annoying aspects of dealing with a hungry, finicky public. But the Waiter offers much more: profound observations of human nature; reflections on the importance of pursuing a livelihood that feeds your soul; practical tips on how to “how to be a good customer.” 

In his ranting, the anonymous author wonders often when he’ll find a “real job” and figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.  Well, I think he’s found his right livelihood, and I, for one, hope he’ll keep writing when he grows up.


Waiter rant : thanks for the tip--confessions of a cynical waiter

Posted by Christine Hann at 02/26/2009 08:27:42 AM