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Life is So Good

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In 1996, a literacy volunteer knocked on Mr. Dawson's door and told him adult education courses were being taught a few blocks away. Mr. Dawson responded eagerly, "Wait, I'll get my coat."

"I agreed to take it on temporarily, and in walks this 98-year-old man wanting to read," his teacher Carl Henry, retired head of the music program for the Dallas schools, recalled.

George Dawson never learned to read or write, but in this biography, we get a real glimpse of what life was like for the son of a sharecropper in  the Jim Crow era. From his early life, when he was sent away to work because his family was so poor, to the time he finally began to accomplish his life-long desire to read, we get a glimpse of a peaceful, grateful man who is an inspiration to read about.

When writing this book, Dawson told people that he felt he had been granted a long life, so he could tell his story:

“I am a witness to the truth. That's why I am still here. I can't let the truth die with me.”

 Dawson died in 2001 at the age of 103.  Life was so good.


Life is So Good


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