Peter Ruei from the Lost Boys of Sudan

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For Black History Month, the Alma Powell branch was honored to present Peter Ruei of the Lost Boys of Sudan on February 18 and February 25.

On February 18th, Peter and his friends shared stories from their past. They talked about being children during a war that brought tragedies and opportunities.


And on February 25 Peter told the audience of how he fled Sudan. Peter talked about running for his life when he was barely old enough to walk, he talked about becoming a refugee in Ethiopia, and he told us about forgiveness and opportunities. Not many have experienced the true tragedies of war nor can we see the losses it brings as a time to grow in faith and mercy. These are the concepts Peter shared with us.


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Lost Boys of Sudan

Posted by Judi Rambow at 03/18/2009 10:11:56 AM | 

Thanks for arranging for these programs. I regret I missed the second one....the first one was so moving. I admire these students for sharing their stories, telling the world, AND with forgiveness. Their experiences put a different perspective on any hardships we might have....its all relative.
Posted by: AnnR ( Email ) at 3/18/2009 10:44 AM

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